Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The RUB Rapid Fire Challenge 2009

A couple of days before the event, our sponsor RUB BBQ with Pat LaFrieda Meats put together a new challenge for the teams; The Rub Rapid Fire Challenge. At the last turn in for Grilin' On The Bay, the chef's choice category, the cooks were given a mystery protein to cook and submit to a new team of judges.

It was indeed a challenge as our cooks were presented with an untrimmed prime hangar steak for the protein and judged by Andrew Fischel, Scott Smith, both of RUB BBQ, Nick Solares of Serious Eats and Gary Goldblatt of Pigtrip.

The Rub Rapid Fire Challenge Top 10 Results:
10. Josh Ozersky
9. Ma's Cue Crew
8. Smoke On The Water
7. Eat A Donut
6. Ribs Within
5. Purple Turtle Caterers
4. Wildwood BBQ
3. Porkaholics
2. Smoke In Da Eye
1. iQue

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grillin' On The Bay 2009 - The Results

Thanks to everyone for coming out. It was a hella wicked windy day down by the bay. Here's the top ten in each of the grilling categories

Grillin On The Bay: Chicken
10.Smoke In Da Eye
9. Smoke On The Water
8. Eat A Donut
7. Purple Turtle Caterers
6. Transformer BBQ
5. Porkaholics
4. Ma' Cue Crew
3. Wildwood BBQ
2. iQue
1. Ribs Within

Grilin' On The Bay: Fish
10. Eat A Donut
9. Team Agave
8. Smoke On The Water
7. Porkaholics
6. Purple Turtle Caterers
5. Pearl Lee Q's
4. Wildwood BBQ
3. Transformer BBQ
2. iQUe
1. Ribs Within

Grillin' On The Bay: Pork
10. Wildwood BBQ
9. Beer Belly Porkers
8. Eat A Donut
7. Pearl Lee Q's
6. iQue
5. Smoke In Da Eye
4. Purple Turtle Caterers
3. Ribs Within
2. Team Agave
1. Transformer BBQ

Grillin' On The Bay: Chef's Choice
10. Ribs Within
9. Smoke In Da Eye
8. Ma's Que Crew
7. Pearl Lee Q's
6. Smoke On The Water
5. Beer Belly Porkers
4. Team Agave
3. Porkaholics
2. Transformer BBQ
1. Wildwood BBQ

Grillin' On The Bay Overall

10. Ma's Cue Crew
9. Porkaholics
8. Pearl Lee Q's
7. Team Agave
6. Smoke On The Water
5. Purple Turtle
4. IQue
3. Ribs Within
2. Wildwood BBQ
1. Transformer BBQ